Master the Art of Gelato with our Professional Course

Our Ice Cream Mix Professional Artisan Gelato Course is tailor-made for you. This course delves into the technical intricacies of gelato ingredients, guiding you to create your unique gelato. Additionally, it provides an in-depth understanding of customer satisfaction and effective selling strategies.

Course Highlights:

Who Can Benefit?

This course is perfect for those already in the gelato business aiming to enhance their knowledge and elevate the quality and variety of their gelato offerings to meet the rapidly evolving market demands.

Course Lessons Include:

  • Understanding the quality of raw materials
  • Classifying and understanding the role of traditional and modern sugars
  • Functional ingredients for optimal results
  • Balancing flavors step by step
  • Creating milk-based gelato and sorbets
  • Crafting alcoholic sorbets and savory gelato
  • Addressing health aspects, including intolerances, allergies, vegan, and hypoglycemic gelato
  • Introduction to Sensory Analysis
  • Utilizing spices and infusions
  • A comprehensive overview of various production methods
  • Efficient gelato management
  • Calculating food costs

Why Choose Ice Cream Mix Academy?

Our academy boasts a team of highly experienced instructors, including skilled gelato makers and pastry chefs. Our courses blend practical training with informative lessons, ensuring you gain both hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge.

Ready to delve into the world of gelato making? Contact us now to connect with your dedicated Ice Cream Mix Export Manager and receive more information about the course!

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Ever dream of becoming a proficient gelato maker? Or perhaps you are already in gelato business and seek  to elevate your skills to match the dynamic market demands?

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